Served: Saturday–Sunday: 11:30 am–3:00 pm


  • Fried Pickles – Zesty-Dill House Pickles, Creole Mayo $9
  • Duck Poutine – Fries, Duck Gravy, Cheese, Fried Egg $15
  • Seasonal Deviled Eggs – Seasonal Ingredients, Ask Your Server $9


  • All In One Burgah – 5oz grass-fed beef patty topped with a bacon/peppah/onion omelette, cheddar, sriracha mayo, french toast in leiu of buns $18
  • Eggs Bennay Hunnayyy! two poached eggs, house made biscuits, hollandaise (choice: salmon, pulled pork, bacon, veggies succotash) $14
  • The Ultimate Hangovah Cure 2 breakfast tacos, pulled pork, bacon, roasted red peppah, red onion, peppahjack cheese, scrambled eggs $15
  • Broke Bro Sando fried egg how you want it, gouda, bacon, secret sauce, sourdough $13
  • Holy Guacamole quesadilla with scrambled eggs, peppahjack, black beans, fire-roasted tomato salsa, guacamole $13
  • Breakfast Burrito – scrambled eggs, old bay tossed tots, sriracha mayo, peppahjack cheese, bacon, pico de gallo $14
  • 5 oz. Grass Fed Beef Burger* – griddled onions, cheddah, Pop’s Russian dressing, pickles, toasted bun $16
  • Grilled Cheese – herbed panko crust, cheddah, parmesan, and government cheese $13
  • Cluck and Turf Sliders – 3 sliders with scrambled eggs, cheddah, carne asada, carmelized onions, charred tomatillo-avocado sauce $16

above dishes come with your choice of homefries or tots

  • Mixed Green Salad – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, house vinaigrette, parmesan, croutons $11 (add meat, why not? HOOK IT UP!)
  • Nita’s Cobb Salad –  baby iceberg, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, avocado, corn, pickled onions, bacon, grilled chicken, blue cheese dressing $14


  • Curley’s French Toast  fresh berries, whipped cream, maple syrup, compound buttah $12
  • Sweet Heat Waffles – Belgian bacon waffles, chipotle-chocolate glazed wings $14
  • Stick Me Baby  Belgian waffle covered fried chicken skewers, sriracha-maple glaze $14


flap jacks +$3.5   tots +$2.5   home fries +$2   simple greens +$3  extra eggs +$1.5

HOOK IT UP! (additions to anything)

  • Extra Patty* – $5
  • Chicken Breast – $4
  • Four Roses Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork – $6
  • Bacon Bits – $3
  • Fried Egg – $2




*Items are cooked to order consuming raw or undercooked food products may lead to your untimely demise… before placing your order please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy 

Menu items and prices are to provide an idea of our style and price range therefore, they may change before the website has been updated.